Hardcover Books in the JHCNS Collection

American Jewish Album, 1654 to the Present, Schoener, Alan, Rizzoli Int. Pub., Inc.

Chapters on Jewish Literature, Abraham, Israel, The Jewish Publication Society of America

Chicago Jewish Source Book, Hermovics, Rachel Baron, Follett Publishing Co. Chicago

Jews among the Greeks and Romans, Rubin, Max, The Jewish Pub. Soc. of America, 1915

Foundation Directory 8th Edition, New York, 1981

Jewish People, (A Pictorial History), Keter Publishing House, 1974 (2 copies)

Five Decades of Jewish Community Service, Weisman, Seymour, Haduras Press, 1984

Jewish Encyclopedia, Funk & Wagnall, 12 Volumes, 1909

Israel Passover Haggadah, Kacher, Menachem Rabbi, NY, 1950

Josepheus, Bentwich, Norman, Jewish Pub. Soc. of America, 1914, (two vols)

Lynn Album, (Pictorial History), Cushing, Elizabeth Hope, 1990

Return to Jerusalem, Photography & Text, Gibbon, David, Colour Library Int. Ltd.

The American Jew as Patriot, Soldier, and Citizen, Wolf, Simon Levy Pub. Co., Philadelphia, 1895

The Land That I Show You, Feldstein, Stanley, Anchor Press, NY, 1979

The Legends of the Jews, Ginzberg, Louis, Volumes1 & II, The Jewish Pub. Soc. of America, 1909

The Holy Bible, International Version, Zonderan Publishers, Michigan

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Little Brown & Company, Boston, NY, Toronto

The Vanished Worlds of Jewry, Patai, Raphael, Macmillan Pub. Co. 1980

The Turbulent Decades–Jewish Communal Services in America, Berger, Grabnum, Volumes I & II, Conference of Jewish Commual Service, NY, 1981


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